"SPIN" by Brian Springer - still as relevant as ever

Still with the mind control theme, Class War presents SPIN (57 minutes in length) and produced back in 1995.

To produce this, artist Brian Springer spent a year scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish, looking for channel news feeds, the stuff not intended for public consumption. Now, these feeds carry the live raw TV image before it has been edited by the networks with music, graphics or commercials. Satellite feeds reveal images of TV personalities in front of a live camera with open microphones, before they go on-air and again during commercial breaks. Because the feeds are sent out unscrambled and are visible to over 4 million dish owners across the US, anyone with a home dish can tune them in. The networks view the nation as one big patch bay on which they can spill feeds of TV personalities being made up, cajoling, primping and whispering.

To the networks, these feed out-takes are trash, and to most home dish-owners, boring and rarely watched. To class warriors they stand as evidence of the contempt politicians hold the rest of us in. They also show how stage managed the whole election charade is, how, in reality, you average politician hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about. More importantly, they reveal that politicians are not the amazing intellectuals they portray themselves to be, with an insight into everything, an answer for everything, and that on the battlefield of ideas – the real stage on which the class war is contested - we are more than capable off slaughtering them, hands down, every time. Little wonder that socialist have such a damned hard time getting one of the scum bags to engage in political debate. Mind, when we have managed to entice them to the debating platform, the public humiliation they get is so pathetic you almost feel sorry for them. If you want proof of this, get in touch with the SPGB and ask for a list of their debates (available to purchase).

Anyway, SPIN is one of the most insightful films ever made about the mechanics of how television is used as a tool of social control to distort and limit the American public's perception of reality.

Take the time to watch it from beginning to end and you'll never look at TV reporting the same again. This extraordinary film released in the early 1990s is almost completely unknown. Hopefully, the Internet will change that.

For your further amusement - famous gaffes in front of the open mic:

The most notable instance of British open mic disorder was the 1993 bungle of Prime Minister John Major.

Following an interview with ITN’s political editor Michael Brunson, Major unaware he was surrounded by state-of-the-art broadcasting gadgetry, still tuned in, ripped in to the Tory cabinet. He labelled them "b*******", promised to "crucify" them, and admitted that he was a "wimp" who had no idea how to fight an election campaign.

Americans are fond of electing lobotomised morons to office. Before Bush, another word-fumbling cowboy held office – Ronald Reagan. Just prior to making a radio broadcast at the height of the Cold War in 1984, he said: "I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever - the bombing begins in five minutes." Only later did he find out that the mike was already on.