Fascist "rape without penetration" of innocent woman at Stark County Jail

This is common treatment for women in US jails

There is absolutely nothing unusual about women being stripped naked and left without covering of any kind in cold jail cells for hours at a time. It's a popular humiliation technique used in corrupt police departments throughout the US.

If it weren't for this video, a TV local station's news report, and the Internet, no one would know that this particular event ever happened.

Keep in mind that this woman called the police for help after she was assaulted. The piece of self-propelled human garbage who runs this Sheriff's Department is Timothy A. Swanson.

He says - and I quote - that the thugs who work for him "did everything by the book.”

Here's his web site: http://www.sheriff.co.stark.oh.us/ which states:

“The Sheriff is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the public peace and protecting the lives and property of all citizens in Stark County. His obligations and responsibilities have continuously grown throughout the years. The duties of the Sheriff have increased as administrative procedures, court decisions, and requirements of the law have brought about sophisticated and technical advancements to law enforcement.”

Your good wishes for Sheriff Swanson can be emailed to him here: strkshrf@raex.com

UPDATE 1: This video, showing seven police officers, forcibly stripping naked a 120lb woman while she is handcuffed and pinned to the floor of a police cell, has since disappeared from YouTube - if I can relocate it I will repost it!


UPDATE 3: (24th February) This footage has again been removed from Youtube! This time I'm uploading it straight to my blog.


Anonymous said...

hello i completly agree with what you are doing, not letting this go and pushing for justice and the better treatment of human beings :)
however everytime you post that footage the more people will see what happened to the woman and wouldn't that be bad for her and her healing process? because you are using her as a case for justice remember her fragile feelings...
remember this is not an attack :)

nicole fende said...

this is DISGUSTING, but I'm not shocked at all! Police do WHATEVER they want to WHOMEVER they want. I had a similar situation happen to myself in 2008, I was beaten by officers, had them slam my head into concerete and drag me around the jail by one foot while in jail after being the victim of an assault and calling police, myself. Also, horrible things not far from this, go on in the city of Euclid, Ohio ALL the time. Isn't there a police for police? "to protect and serve"? More like "to victimize and not be held accountable".