BNP Membership list now globally available

The worst kept secret of all time

The Guardian today and most papers this week have covered the BNP membership list leak. To the dismay of the BNP, their entire membership list, hitherto supposedly a secret on a par with the true assassins of JFK, was posted on the internet, allegedly by a disgruntled ex-member of high rank. The organisation, needless to say, has suffered a collective panic attack, afraid people will know who they are. I personally was surprised to see there were 25 listed in my Jarrow parliamentary constituency - I thought there were more judging by the numbers turning up at their local meetings.

The list has been kept a secret on the left with activists reluctant to share it – so much for free access to the benefits of civilisation (or in this case uncivilisation) – and, whilst it has been removed from UK sites, it is available from overseas sites via: http://wikileaks.org/ The Wikileaks links to the said list have proved so popular that the site crashed tonight and the home page ran a
simple message: Wikileaks is overloaded by readers looking for the BNP membership list.

Whether this gauges the number of people curious to see if old Mrs Jones down the road is a closet storm trooper, or if the site is being accessed by BNP members keen to see their name in print is anyone’s guess.

The list is even available on the Pirate Bay and Minova torrent sites and as I write have 225 and 190 seeders respectively. News now is that the membership list will be given away free with The Sun this coming Saturday.

The membership list has now even been google postcoded. You simply type in your postcode and find out your nearest neo-nazi . Click on their name and a map appears directing you to their home. No doubt the members of Antifa are having a field day. Bloody marvellous when its easier to locate your closest fash than your nearest PayPoint outlet - you'll know what I mean if you're trying to get your gas card charged up in Hebburn

Of course, its not the socialist way to suggest BNP members are supporters are targeted. Whilst their ideas are noxious and abhorrent, they can never be countered by violence or the threat of it, regardless of the violence they are associated with, not least because they are a symptom of class society and the myriad social problems it throws up. The BNP can only be defeated on the battlefield of ideas and this site provides plenty of ammunition in this regard.

And if you believe that your average BNPer will give you an intellectual run for your money, consider this piece from the Scotsman, and reported on the Stop the BNP site:

"The brightest children go on to vote Liberal Democrat or Green, according to a survey.

"The study by Edinburgh University researchers has found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.The study – which looked at voting patterns in the 2001 general election – found that those with higher IQ ratings were more likely to vote Lib-Dem or Green in an election.

"The survey – including cognitive tests at ages five and ten – was followed up with a study of voting habits at 34. Those who voted Green had an average IQ of 108.3, with Lib-Dem voters just behind at 108.2.

"Conservative and Labour voters were further behind – with scores of 103.7 and 103.0 respectively, while voters for Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru scored an average of 102.5. Scottish National Party voters had an average IQ of 102.2. The research also showed that British National Party voters had the lowest average intelligence – scoring just 98.4. Non-voters were found to have an average IQ of 99.7."

Class Warfare can only lament that no socialist was included in the research