Police State moves to the school bogs

School removes CCTV cameras from children's toilets after furious protest from parents

No sooner do I post a blog item about the police state moving into the classroom, than we come across news that the police state is moving into school toilets.

I had to read that headline above twice! This piece comes from the Daily Mail

But its true. Seemingly The cameras were installed at Lipson Community College in Plymouth, Devon, which has 1,400 pupils. And allegedly without the knowledge of staff and governors…which, as Chair of Governors at a local school, I find hard to fuggin believe for the simple reason that the school will have in place a definite policy authorising the Chair at least to countersign sign any contracts. And I know any contractor would have had to sign into the school, via the secretary’s office, to be issued with a visitor pass. This stuff is national school policy now. Surely then the matter would have been reported straight to the principal. It’s just utter bollocks that workmen could have entered a school to fit cameras, in the bloody bogs, too, without the governors or the head knowing in advance.

But here, we are told a member of staff was able to order the contract unsupervised.

The principal responded, when questioned: “Someone made an error…”

What!….an error!?! And no one is being reprimanded we are told.

What I find amazing is that the kids just didn’t climb up and smash the camera down. Rather, they either refused to use the toilets or stayed away from college and complained to their parents.

I can only suggest the widespread use of cameras in the UK – an estimated 4.5 million in Britain at the moment – has acclimatised kids to the surveillance society, resulting, in this instance, in kids not protesting en masse at school, or even showing the damned initiative to sabotage the bloody cameras themselves. Where the rebellious spirit that kids used to have? Where the class warriors of tomorrow?

And would any court in the land have dared challenge their right not to be surveilled whilst having a pee or a pooh, and condemned them for destroying the intrusive spy cams? I doubt it.

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