Howard Zinn on Human Nature and Aggression

Not a revolutionary socialist by far, here's Howard Zinn putting the boot into the idea that humans are naturally aggressive. He clearly articulates the idea that humans do not readily go to war, that workers have to be persuaded via massive propaganda campaigns and when that inducement fails then coercion, via the draft, is the only option. Zinn then argues that when human aggression does manifest itself, the cause is rooted in environmental factors.

An updated Zinn talk on the subject could well have cited the number of soldiers who desert, who commit suicide (in the US its reached epidemic proportions among Iraq War vets), and who suffer mental breakdown (The Pentagon recently repotrted that some 40% of front lien troops have mental health problems).


Renegade Eye said...

Recent polls in the US, show young people hostile to the Republican Party, because of anti-gay atitudes. Gayness is cool on TV now, and for the last decade.

I don't know for sure if Peter is correct.

Renegade Eye said...

I agree with Zinn.

An animal can in no time be free from his mother. A human baby need free from help, would be worthless left alone. It takes collectivity to raise a child.