More BNP Shenanigans

Sadie Graham shoots straight (picture courtesy of Indymedia)

Class Warfare has discovered that just before Xmas, the house of Sadie Graham (pictured above) and her boyfriend Matt Single was raided by a large number of police. The couple, recently expelled from the BNP for plotting against Nick Griffin (allegedly!) had their house in Church Lane, Brinsley, near Nottingham turned over by police - looking for weapons! Seems it was only just over three weeks ago that that ex-BNP Group Development Officer Sadie called in the police over the removal of property from her home. Seemingly BNP storm troopers entered her house on Saturday 8th December and seized, without her permission, her laptop and printer (and apparently bugged her phone too). For more info on this saga click here: Poor Sadie should be getting paranoid just about now, wondering who else is gonna raid her home.

Indymedia comments: "It seems that Single (ex BNP security team) rather than Graham was the real target of the raid (Graham must have hidden her rifle somewhere else!).

"Question : Why would anyone be surprised that prominent fascists - whose political strategy depends upon trying to look like any other political party whilst secretly encouraging racist violence - are interested in, and probably possess, weaponry?"

Meanwhile, the BNP finally published its 2006 accounts days before the fine for their late submission to the Electoral Commission would have doubled to £2,000. They make interesting reading, Stop the BNP takes up the story here.

Just before Xmas, a notice was posted on the BNP website demanding that any errant official who had made a posting on the rebel ‘Enough is Enough, Nick’ blog or declared their support on the blog must phone Nick Griffin and pledge their allegiance by the evening of Christmas Eve, December 24th or face expulsion. So far, it would appear none of the 60 rebels made that phone call and offered to kiss arse and neither does it appear that the miscreants have been punished.

Stop the BNP comments: “The failure of Griffin to follow through his threat has left his leadership in a weaken position and this is now being exploited by his rivals. Just when it seemed that the rebellion was running out of steam, the rebels have seized on Griffin’s lack of action as further proof, if proof was needed, of the mismanagement at the top of the party.”

The writers of the “Enough is Enough, Nick” blog, picking up on Griffin’s expulsion threats , say the episode is: "another example of the confusion, muddled thinking and disastrous decision making that is the hallmark of the current administration who have made mistake after mistake in this whole sorry and totally avoidable debacle since day one.”

Its not just Griffin and his loyal entourage who are guuilty of "confused, muddled thinking". The term can be hurled at every BNP supporter who thinks patriotism, nationalism and fascism is the way forward, along with anyone who has ever voted for them in the belief their policies will improve their lives one damned iota.

Hopefully, further shenanigans this coming year will reveal what a sad lot of patheticos the BNP really are.


Red Squirrel said...

I really don't know why I am bothering to comment, because you will not see fit to allow me 'a platform'.
So I will keep to the point.
I really fail to understand you marxists. I used to be CPGB a VERY long time ago, at a time when I believed in World Government, and universal brotherhood. But Utopia does not exist, well not until Humankind has stopped all wars and grown up, so to speak.
Your way is not the answer, it will only lead to a totalitarian nightmare.
I am not a fascist, nor do I idolise Hitler. Neither am I a racist, in fact I am well loved. I just happen to be an idealist who loves my country, and there is nothing wrong with that! To force world communism will lead to mass
starvation and Gulags in all the 'regions' of your multicultural
dreamworld. To you really want to live in dhimmitude? Do you want all the hard won rights of women to disappear under the burkha?
Because that is what will happen if we become Eurabia.
I happen to love my fellow human beings very much, wherever they come from. The world is beset with terrible problems, but to enslave the whole world is not the answer. Freedom is very very important, and almost all the Nationalists I have had contact with feel the same.
All this Pavlovian knee jerk name calling is bollocks! How would you like it if you were called Stalinist dictators and other etiphets at every oportunity!
Anyway Happy New Year to you!
My sites are unmoderated if you wish to reply!

John: said...

You’re posted, Red Squirrel.

One or two points. You say: “All this Pavlovian knee jerk name calling is bollocks! How would you like it if you were called Stalinist dictators and other epithets at every opportunity?”

Well this is exactly what you are doing by speaking of “totalitarian nightmare” and “gulags” – it assumes that I and the Party I identify with, the SPGB, hold to the ideas held by Leninists, Trotskyists and Stalininists and, further, that I would have identified what took place in 1917 in Russia as anything to do with communism/socialism and everything that took place after that date as in then interests of communism – when I most certainly do not.

Yes, you’re right “Utopia does not exist.” And neither do I imagine the society of the future I hanker after as being “utopian” – it’s quite realistic actually, if we all work together. I do find it rather utopian that people believe that capitalism is the way forward, that the current system can be relied upon to deliver the goods, to put an end to waste, want and war.

You speak about freedom being very important to you, yet as an islamaphobe, which you clearly are, your anti-moslem protestations play straight into the hands of the British state machine that is using the “war on terror” as an opportunity to turn Britain into one of the most endemic surveillance societies on the planet, and which results in the loss of privacy and the erosion of our “freedoms” which you cherish.

Good to see you are loved and have the capacity to love back.

Happy New Year.

Red Squirrel said...

Thank you J,
I have read more of your blog now and would like to respond at length.
I totally agree with your quote from Proudhorn,and do not have any fondness for capitalism or exploitation of any kind.
Suffice to say that my education only began 2 years ago when I was given this pc. It is a long story!
Good luck to you, and best regards.

John: said...

Well, Red Squirrel, any time you feel like chatting at length, please feel free to contact me via the email address on my profile.