BNP - the split widens

For several weeks this blog has kept a watchful eye on the BNP and its internal shenanigans since the expulsion of two of is senior members and which led to some 60 officials and BNP councillors resigning their positions. The next six months look to be just as hectic for Britain's favourite neo-nazis, with a leadership challenge on the cards.

By all accounts, things have hotted up since the infamous bun fight in Leeds and widened the chasm between Griffin and the Yorkshire membership in particular. The news is that The BNP officials in Hull have resigned their positions en masse ready to contest the coming local elections as Independent Nationalists.

The rebel leaders have in the past couple of days created a new website entitled Voice of Change, with the by-line “Taking British nationalism to new heights of success.” There’s not much up on this site at the moment, certainly none of the bean-spilling savoury stuff that lefties clamour after – that stuff is still up on the regularly-updated Enough is Enough, Nick website.

In a statement posted on the aformentioned they said:

“We recognise the success which Nick Griffin has achieved for the BNP throughout his tenure of the past seven years, but the extraordinary sequence of events of the past few months can only lead a rational observer to conclude that Mr. Griffin is now unfit for that position.

“The internal management of the Party has been revealed to be fundamentally flawed and repeated calls for change have been ignored by the leader. Thus the only possible course of action to save the Party and secure a future for our people is to launch a leadership challenge.

"The foundation of the existing deceitful and corrupt cabal is money and in order to bring about change it is essential to starve Central HQ of funds. Therefore we call on members not to make donations to central office above and beyond the membership fee.

“Everyone has a fundamental choice regarding their own position but individuals who stand on, promote and fund the Griffin BNP by default support the bugging of officials, illegal entry of homes, theft of personal possessions, threats of violence, immorality, perversion, incompetence in staff, lies and smears, witch hunts against members the leadership don't like, mismanagement and wastefulness of funds and personnel, unconstitutional sackings and expulsions, a tyrannical approach and decades of anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi baggage the Party cannot afford to carry if it aims to be a serious political party."

The new Voice of Change site states how it was formed “as a reaction to the purges of key personnel from the British National Party in December 2007 by tyrannical leader Nick Griffin who seems hell-bent on destroying the Party.”

It goes on to list the nine members who were expelled just before Xmas and “purged for standing up to the tyranny of Nick Griffin and questioning his constant defence of Mark Collett (graphic designer) and Dave Hannam (regional treasury official); two individuals who have done more to wreck the BNP than any former State asset could have hoped for.”

Though the rebels claim that they will challenge Griffin in a leadership election in June, it is apparent that none of the nine sacked party officers believe that they have a chance of being reinstated for the time being or that they would stand a chance in any leadership contest, not least because it is Griffin himself, as party fuehrer, who is allowed to decide on the election rules and which, in last year’s contest, included the banning of any campaigning! How the BNP must love their democracy!

The site, which still announces its loyalty to the ideas of the BNP, claims it is “an umbrella group to assist candidates who wish to stand as independent nationalists in the local elections in May 2008” and “a group which will seek to depose the discredited Nick Griffin in a leadership challenge as well as exposing the truth about the man himself and those coterie of ‘yes men’ who he has surrounded himself with.”

The message continues: “Nick Griffin arrogantly told some of the expelled personnel to get on with their 'non-political lives', as if he has a monopoly of nationalist politics. Thankfully for the future of our people and our country Mr. Griffin deludes himself; the movement is much bigger than one man's ego and the Voice of Change will take the nationalist message to new levels of success without the sleaze, immorality and financial corruption of Griffin's cabal, a message which millions of our beleaguered kinfolk are eager to heed.”

As the Stop the BNP site observes:

“This will badly affect the BNP in Yorkshire, the East Midlands, Scotland and Greater Manchester. In Yorkshire, which has been their most powerful region within the party for some time, there appears only one or two branches which remain loyal to the current leadership. Support for the rebellion is fairly solid across Scotland, though this is a far less important region for the party electorally. The strong East Midlands region will also be affected. While the region is split over support for the rebellion the loss of many of its key organisers, such as Sadie Graham and Wayne McDermott, the region’s competent election organiser, will be a severe blow to BNP in the short term.

“The rebels were left with little option but to begin the move towards a separate party. Since announcing their decision to challenge Griffin’s leadership a week ago it is clear that many of their supporters recognised the futility in all this. Over the last 48 hours Searchlight received information from within Yorkshire BNP that many of its key organisers were preparing to make a break. The officers of Hull BNP has been the first to declare themselves as ‘Independent Nationalists’ but we expect others to follow shortly. “

“The move to support rival candidates will also be music to the ears of Nick Griffin. Whilst he must recognise that the party will suffer in May’s local elections in Yorkshire, and that he is likely to lose the vast majority of the region, he will also know that in the all-important London and European elections, both contested under PR, the internal problems within the BNP is unlikely to affect their vote.

“He must also know that any move to support candidates against the BNP will immediately lead to expulsions.

“The rebels, now operating under the banner Voice of Change, plan to hold a conference in the East Midlands on Sunday 27 January. Much will become clearer at this event but it is now already evident that the rebels have given up on wrestling control of the BNP away from Griffin and the split has occurred.”

Meanwhile Griffin has also incurred the wrath of the more unsavoury characters in the neo-nazi movement. The Final Conflict website carries a revealing attack upon Griffin written by Steve Cartwright of Blood and Honour. Cartwright not only announces that there is a photo in existence of Griffin making a nazi salute – which, incidentally, every newspaper is desperate to get their hands on - but he outlines Griffin’s former links to Combat 18, the openly nazi Blood and Honour scene and foreign nazis.

This looks to be one interesting six months for BNP watchers and perhaps a little messy, nay a bloody annus horribilis, for Griffin and his loyal entourage. As the left continue to feast on the crap that emerges from the widening split within the BNP, you really have to wonder how any member could put up with the sundry revelations that have arisen, not least being this gem from Matt Single and posted on the Enough is Enough, Nick site:

“One example of the level of contempt he has for his minions, can be realised fully from this quote he made at a recent meeting in Leicester while answering Sadie on the top table ‘Look girl, you’re about to be a mother; so you’re now effectively useless’. A little glimpse of his true colours I believe."

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