Hail to the Thief

It’s got to that stage now where I’ve just switched off listening to news and reports of the US primaries and the coming battle for the presidency. After all, what the hell difference does the victory of one candidate over another really make to the ordinary American? The short answer must be very little.

In truth, this election, like every preceding election, is little more than a public relations exercise where those Americans ‘fortunate’ to vote (and the news is that many more will be disenfranchised this time round) are given their ‘sixty seconds of democracy’ to select an ambassador of the master class to safeguard and, if possible, to expand its class interests over the next four years.

In the quest to preserve the deception that the average American has a real stake, control of public opinion is crucial. So the media functions to peddle distortions and untruths that blur this reality, to keep public opinion placid and render ordinary working people isolated and ineffective, so leaving the interests of the ruling class unchallenged and supreme. The US media add credence to the myth that the Presidential election carries real choice by eagerly analysing every minute perceived difference between the candidates (witness, if you will, the palaver over which candidate is the most religious) bombarding the electorate with patriotic oratory and fine sounding ‘promises’ while enthusiastically expounding the lie that the candidates share a common interest with ordinary working people. Their propaganda is heavily loaded with corporate and business ideology and praise for the virtues of the ‘free-market system,’ designed to perpetuate the fallacy that capitalism and democracy are inextricably linked, indeed synonymous.

The outcome of US elections carry one truth: namely that any president has but one remit once in office – to carry out the wishes of the men behind the curtains, the ones who really call the shots. Just watch vice president Dick Cheney prostrating himself in front of his master in the video below. Any newly elected president, entertaining any idea other than ensuring the US maintains its global hegemonic status, that it pursues the path of full spectrum dominance that the profits keep on coming, that dissent is kept in check, would get a bullet in the head and each and every candidate knows it.

And what is incontestable is that the outcome of the election will not be of benefit to the America’s (or the world’s) wage and salary earning class over the following four years.

Yes sir Mr. Rockefeller

By the turn of the last century, the Rockefeller family and its associates had a virtual monopoly over the oil and mineral resources of the world. Not much has changed since. Over the years, the group has created and/or taken control of a dizzying array of politicians, news media, academic institutions, think tanks and foundations to further its aims.

No one gets to be a serious candidate for President of the United States without being under their control and domination and all White Houses pick Rockefeller employees for its top slots.

Nixon had Henry Kissinger (a Rockefeller agent), Reagan had Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. has Dick Cheney. And on it goes.

Two noteworthy quotes from this video:

"The (Rockefeller) family has a long history of strengthening the bonds of friendship throughout the Americas."

In fact, the Rockefellers are despised by the people of Latin America.

There's not a Latin American dictator that the family did not have friendly relations with. If a dictator didn't exist, the family provided one. Under the direction of Rockefeller employee Henry Kissinger, the US initiated and then supported a reign of terror in Chile after organizing the violent overthrow of its democratically elected president.

"We are able to go about our business here in the Americas and throughout the world with confidence and security because we know the strength of this government stands behind us."

Our business? What business exactly is that? And why should the strength of this or any government stand behind a private commercial enterprise?

To the public and the press, Cheney is a sneering, snarling mad dog. In front of Rockefeller, he's groveling and obsequious and Rockefeller rewards him accordingly with a pat on the head: "Good boy!"

Here's the real power in the US. Just look at the body language. It could not be any plainer.

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