Court of Appeal Rules in Favour of Profit

Pleural plaques is an asbestos related condition and a sign of irreversible damage to the lungs, increasing the risk of cancer. It affects many who have worked in heavy industry particularly shipyard workers. For 20 years, sufferers of the condition were entitled to compensation. Many former shipyard workers on Tyneside, suffering from the condition, who had ongoing claims for compensation, were today devastated to learn that the Court of Appeal have overturned a previous High Court ruling that sufferers of the condition should receive compensation. For 20 years sufferers have been entitled to compensation, now they are being told to shut up and die.

No sufferers can say they were alerted to the dangers of the work they were carrying out and neither were they provided with masks or respiratory protection. Thus, their lives have been blighted because of the negligence of their former employers.

Insurance companies are no doubt rubbing their grubby little hands with glee. This Appeal Court ruling has saved them a tidy little fortune. It is envisaged asbestosis related claims will cost the insurance industry £10 billion over the next forty years, with claims for pleural plaques hitting the £1 billion mark. The trade Union Amicus and their solicitors now hope to get the Appeal Courts ruling overturned in the House of Lords. Amicus believes the ruling could affect 14,000 cases a year. Here's wishing them well.

It’s the same old repetitive story – there’s profits to be had; fuck the workers!
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