Big Brother Day 17

According to The Daily Mirror , supporters of banned Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, have issued a fatwa denouncing George Galloway's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

It described the Respect MP as "the lowest of the low".

Perchance the SWP will be issuing their own fatwa soon.

I wonder if images of George, clad in his socialist leotard and coaxing an imaginary puppy, has anything to do with it?

On the Respect website George reasons at length as to why he will appear on BB. In short, George is going through this for downtrodden and oppressed workers everywhere - rather like Christ dying on the cross for our sins. Say's George: "Sure, there may be an indignity to be suffered along the way. But it will be worth it." Spoken like a true martyr.

Rumour has it that Saddam Hussein has sent George a mesasage from his prison cell in Baghdad: "Sir, I salute your courage and indefatigability."
I ask you!!

Attention readers: Captions for the photo above will be most welcome.

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