Some cats have no respect

Imagine you reside in Bethnal Green and are desperate to reach your MP because the state is about to deport you thanks to some cock-up with immigration papers. You try and try to reach your MP for help and support but can’t contact him. You can’t contact him even though you can see him live on TV, where he has been for the last two weeks taking part in Celebrity Big Brother (a.k.a. Muppets ‘R’ Us). As the police and immigration control batter down your door and a fifteen stone sergeant wrestles you to the ground, pressing your head sideways into the floor, you glance up and see your MP on his hands and knees, pretending to be a cat and crawling about the floor like an utter imbecile.

Just what adjective can go with the images of George Galloway, the RESPECT MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, on his knees, purring and licking imaginary cream from the cupped hands of actress, and fellow Big Brother contestant, Rula Lenska? “Nauseating” I guess sums it up.

Where I a constituent of Galloway, and had voted for him, I’d be bloody livid. I’d be wanting to give him a right bloody kicking as soon as he gets out. Not only is he elected to represent his constituents in Parliament, to be a point of contact when the shit hits the fan, to fight your corner, but MPs get more holidays and perks than anyone – 13 weeks in Summer - and here he is taking paid time-off and literally taking the piss out of his constituents on live TV. Me, I’d be mounting a campaign to get fellow constituents to vote the bugger off the show and back into the job he is highly paid to do

No doubt Galloway, darling of the SWP, the man who praised Saddam Hussein’s “courage and indefatigability”, who equates Islam with Socialism, and champion of the anti-Iraq war cause, believed he could use the Big Brother opportunity as a political platform. Big Brother bosses were having none of it and have made sure that he is there, like every other fading celebrity, simply to make an utter spectacle of himself and for the amusement of a muppet audience.

And whilst Galloway is on the Big Brother set, playing pussy cat and smoking enormously fat cigars (I wonder if they were a gift from Castro?), providing his political enemies with an abundance of weaponry they can use against him during his next parliamentary campaign, the Commons has been debating the Crossrail project that will affect his east London constituency.
Sorry, George, mate, but when it comes to own goals, you’re 10-0 down.


Thanks to
Gray for the link to the Weekly Worker (see comments below) and from which I can quote:

"Putting two fingers up to the very notion of democracy and accountability, Galloway consulted no-one in Respect about his decision to take part, let alone ask the permission of the leadership. According to national secretary John Rees, Respect was informed just 24 hours beforehand that the organisation’s most prominent leader and figurehead would be incommunicado for up to three weeks, “bereft of watch, phone, family and all contact with the outside world” (Galloway statement, made public January 7).

"The Socialist Workers Party can hardly be said to approve of the Channel 4 programme. In fact the SWP’s utter distaste for Big brother is well known. According to Socialist Worker, the show is full of “sad, vulnerable people … desperate to be on TV” (Socialist Worker August 26 2000). In the opinion of former central committee member Pat Stack, “Volunteers, wannabes and the downright sad enter these things” (Socialist Review July 2002).

"In fact just sitting in front of your television while the programme is on could seriously damage your health: “Channel 4 is not just exploiting the contestants. It is debasing the viewers as well. By watching Big brother you too become part of the dehumanising process” (Socialist Worker August 26 2000). "

Galloway gave his comrades 24 hours notice? You can just imagine the SWP leadership hurrying round to his house with a bundle of Socialist Workers - "Here, George, Mate. I know it's short notice, but try floggin' a few of these if you get the chance. Maggot looks like he'd buy a copy."

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