Masked cops try to provoke violent riot

This is absolutely fuggin disgusting and begs the question just how many protests that have turned violent have actually been started by undercover cops? Though it has long been suspected, this time there exists video footage that cops do actually do this. No doubt It happens all the time.

A peaceful demonstration turns violent, the TV news flashes pictures of mayhem, the issue is completely forgotten, and the protesters are entirely discredited and their cause undermined.

Is it really a surprise to know that police*engineer* these outcomes?

Here we see three masked police, posing as radicals, caught red handed trying to provoke violence at a meeting of the so called" Security and Prosperity Partnership" in Quebec. The whole episode was caught on video

Brasscheck TV comments:

It's the oldest trick in the book and the French have a phrase for it: "Agent Provocateur".

Bizarrely, US protesters NEVER seem to get their heads out of their arses and see it coming no matter how many times it gets pulled on them.

In contrast, one labor leader at the Montebello meeting of the so called "Security and Prosperity Summit" in Quebec earned the title "leader" and not only detected this crap as it was talking place, but confronted the government-employed criminals involved and forced them to stand down.

This kind of activity isn't legitimate police work. It's thug-for-hire work on behalf of fascists.

Next time you see one of these hulking morons with a mask on his face holding a rock or stick, rip off his mask and photograph him. Don't expect a shred of help from the gutless news media exposing these vermin. They'll never follow up on the story, but the photographs are a deterrent.

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