Harry, the blood-drenched hero of Helmand

Your print off and keep poster of Hero Harry (click to enlarge)

‘PRINCE Harry’s army comrades hoisted him on their shoulders after learning he was being withdrawn from Afghanistan yesterday – singing: “He’s ginge, he’s loud, he’s done us f****** proud.”

‘Emotional squaddies who had fought side-by-side with the hero royal during his ten-week frontline tour continued: “He’s here, he’s mean, his gran’s the f****** Queen. Nice one Harry.”’ (The Sun yesterday)

The Sun, in 11 pages of sycophantic coverage of the Harry the hero of Helmand story (inclusive of a pull-out poster), proudly reported yesterday that Harry had killed 30 Taliban fighters - a far cry from his earlier comments, when the press reported his words on hearing he was being posted to Iraq: ”I’m shitting myself”.

The Sun was not alone in prostrating itself in front of this blood-soaked parasite, the servility was ubiquitous: The Dailly Mail gave ten pages to the story, Daily Star (5 pages), Daily Express (10 pages), Daily Mirror (14 pages), Daily Telegraph (5 pages), The Times (7 pages). How much of this coverage of Harry’s exploits was given over to the millions killed as a direct result of the post 9-11 invasion of Afghanistan, or to the real reason that country was invaded – oil? What, you really need me to answer this for you? A cursory look at The Sun’s coverage would suggest the whole “Harry in Afghanistan” thing was stage managed; one huge photo-posing opportunity to boost the popularity of the royals and to gauge public support for what is becoming a very unpopular war.

Thirty deaths, Harry? Well done! But...how the hell do you know it was thirty? Did you run over and count the blood-stained corpses and say “this one’s mine, that too…?” Thirty? I wonder how many widows and orphans that means?

Did you kill them in hand-to-hand combat? No – in any such fight any one of that thirty would have torn you a new arse. Your killing was done long distance, with a machine gun and whilst you and your comrades-in-arms were better fed, better trained and much better equipped and no doubt outnumbering the enemy. Seriously, does anyone think you would have been allowed into any conflict situation where the odds were not stacked 100-1 in your favour? Bollocks!

So he’s back home, because he is now a target for the enemy, his cover blown. Whoa, is this not an occupational hazard of a soldier – to kill or be killed?

Undoubtedly, the standing of the royal family has received a huge boost thanks to Harry’s killing spree in poverty-stricken Afghanistan, and no doubt postal workers will be giving themselves hernias humping the postal bags up to Buck House, cram-packed with fawning and congratulatory letters from Britain’s ageing royalist population who have swallowed all the shite about Harry fighting for freedom and democracy.

Yup, this site is not only against war, and waste and want, it's against royalty. But unlike many anarchist and lefty sites, it does not see the royal debate as simply meaning “do we shoot them or do we hang them?" Neither does this site campaign for the abolition of the monarchy as if this was a single issue worth one millilitre of workers' sweat. Class Warfare takes a more considered view, recognising that if the monarchy were to go we would merely carry on living in a republic as wage slaves, every aspect of our lives subordinated to the priorities of the profit system.

That there are many prepared to support this outmoded institution is the problem (checkout the picky at the end of this posting, one of many The Sun has on its website…nauseating!). That there are members of the working class prepared to accept unearned privilege and its necessary opposite undeserved poverty, prepared to defend and support a symbol of power and hierarchy, prepared to demand that their fellows share these submissive values, shows how collectively immature we are as a class, and the real battle facing socialists. If we truly respected ourselves, our class, there would be no question over whether or not to kowtow to the House of Windsor.

A thousand years or robbery and butchery by their ancestors have placed the royal family at the top of the social pile – the great-great-offspring of the biggest bunch of murdering thugs who ever walked. A thousand years of revelling in the brute force allowed them by society where the art of being human was underdeveloped. That the descendants of bloody sword-arm rule are still in place shows that the process of social development is still incomplete.

To this day, the symbols of monarchy - the ermine, the mace and the fabulous diamond-encrusted crowns - are merely echoes of the warlord-plunder origins of the institution. Deprived of any real power these days, they serve instead as part of the vast machinery promoting the ideas of hierarchy, leadership and subservience in ways far more effective than Orwell could have imagined. A machine designed to enforce the subordination of the vast majority to the tiny privileged minority!

In ancient Rome they had bread and circuses to do that; pleasing the populace by keeping stomachs full and seeing people in the arena being worse off than themselves. Today we have the dole and monarchy placating the crowds with a TV to see people better off than themselves.

The monarchy is the capstone in the arch of power. The pinnacle of the greasy pole which little leader-wannabes climb in admiration, desiring to be like them. Each one waits their turn patiently, for a fleeting moment of recognition by the paragon of leadership. We are taught from childhood to look upon the monarchy as a mirror of ourselves, reflecting virtue, honour and duty;
when, in fact, it is a fun-house mirror that makes us look like pygmies.

The real issue is not one about whether we are for or against the monarchy, but rather whether we are for or against ourselves, our class; whether we are pathetic sheep that need leaders and monarchs to look up to, because we are so unsure of ourselves and our worth. A little, perhaps a lot, of maturity is needed; time to discuss how we can run our own lives for ourselves, without leaving it to others. And when that happens, when that maturity comes, we together will run past the monarchy like a juggernaut, ignoring it for the miserable and anachronistic side show that it is. Then we will have mastered the art of being human.

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