Blair is awarded the Medal of Freedom

"What nothing earthly gives, or can destroy,
The soul's calm sun-shine, and the heart-felt joy,
Is virtue's prize: a better would you fix?
Then give humility a coach and six,
Justice a conq'ror's sword, or truth a gown,
Or public spirit its great cure, a crown.“
(Alexander Pop, Essay on Man, EPISTLE IV)

There must be a lot of people out there who get the words “freedom”, “peace”, “war and “terror” all muddled in their heads. I mean, it was only a few years ago that the two biggest promoters of international terrorism on behalf of US oil interests, namely Messrs Blair and Bush, received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the provisions of Nobel, the winner of the Peace Prize "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” See what I mean?

Now we hear news that Tony Blair is honoured this evening by a Texan university with strong links to President Bush (his missus went there). The university will hand over to the greedy, money-grabbing bastard thousands of pounds to give them a talk about utter bollocks.

As The Sunday Times reported:

“Blair has turned down an honorarium that goes with the Medal of Freedom but has asked for a cash fee to speak to students and children from deprived backgrounds after the award ceremony.

“He will become the sixth recipient of the medal awarded by the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas since it was inaugurated in 1997 in honour of a Republican senator and foreign affairs adviser to Bush’s father.”

Reminiscent of the conditions of the Nobel prize, this Medal of Freedom, presented every two years, goes to those who have “furthered the cause of freedom throughout the world”. With such Orwellian double-speak, the university found they could present the award in previous years to Bush’s father and also to presidential hopeful John ‘bomb, bomb, bomb’ McCain, Margaret Thatcher, General Colin Powell, and General Tommy R Franks. So Blair is in good company and, if “Medal of Freedom” refers to the number of lives you take away multiplied by the lies you tell then he’s very deserving of it. So if any readers have their eyes on this medal in two years time, you’d better start killing like there’s no tomorrow, lying like a bastard and kissing arse as if your life depended on it.

Although Blair has found time to collect the Medal of Freedom this week, he has not yet arranged to pick up the Congressional Gold Medal awarded by the US Congress for his support in the “war against terror”

For Blair the big attraction is the money – nah, not the flogging of the medals on ebay, but the multi-thousand dollar speakers fee. Seems it was only five minutes ago I was blogging and spouting off about the £millions he is lined up to make since stepping down as Prime Minister. Presumably the money he is raking in from JP Morgan is just not enough.

His missus has also latched on to the money-for-talking game. It was only a few weeks ago that the Telegraph reported that she was being gven £75000 for doing three talks.

Back in 2005 Cherie was criticised for accepting $30,000 [£15,000] for a 90-minute talk in Washington while her husband was over in the US trying to persuade Bush to cancel African debt.

That same year she embarked on a lucrative speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand. Speeches included slides and questions and answers about her husband’s role as a father. And whilst in Melbourne there was anger after it was reported that her £17,000 fee for speaking at a charity dinner dwarfed the £6,774 which was raised for a fund for dying children.

Beats me why anyone would pay a penny to listen to anything either of the Blairs have to say on anything. As PM from 1997-2007, Blair bent over backwards to serve the interests of capitalism, lying to and betraying the workers who elected him at every opportunity; the fact that he lasted 10 years, despite oozing sleaze from every pore, suggest just what a good job he was doing for Britain’s corporatocracy. And when George Bush wanted someone, anyone, to sanction his invasion of Iraq, it was Blair who could be depended upon the come up with the “45 minute” dossier he presented to parliament and the British people as a pretext for the invasion, and which has now been proved fraudulent.

Medal? I’d give the sod the Royal Order of Pinocchio, like the one Bush was presented with.

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