Make Poverty History is now History

One would think that if 540 organisations – each one set up to try to tackle the myriad problems capitalism throws up – got together and formed a coalition and agreed upon a set of objectives, that they would be keen as hell on maintaining that unity, strengthening it, building on it and pursuing those objectives with more vigour.

Not so the Make Poverty History coalition. This week the 540 constituent charities, trade unions and activity groups that made up the coalition decided it was time to wind up.

The coalition, which campaigned nationally in the run up to the G8 and with the triple demands of free trade, increased aid and debt cancellation, decided that although the British campaign would continue, its central organisation and assembly would shut down. The MPH slogan will still be used as will its trademark white wrists bands (still being made in the sweatshops of China, I wonder?), but the coalition that attracted worldwide media attention will cease to work as one.

That’s what I call irony at its best – an organisation with millions of members, who unite with the intention of making poverty history are themselves now history and, more, not having seen a single one their objectives achieved or ever looking to be remotely achieved.The bloody lightweights! Feckin’ eejits! Not that I supported their demands – see my July 05 G8 posting – but this was perhaps the biggest coalition ever created in Britain, which attracted hundreds of celebrities, which had world-wide attention, which could pull in £millions in donations, and they’ve went and scuppered it!!

One can only assume that it finally dawned on MPH that no matter how massive your support you can just not reform capitalism in the interests of the exploited billions, that at the end of the day not matter how noble your intentions you can’t go interfering when there’s profits to be had and that the best way to carry on is for your constituent parts to disperse and carry on with their single issue campaigns until the end of time.

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