Brown's...errr...Brown Shirts?

At a time when British troops are coming in for stern criticism following newspaper revelations that a gang of these uniformed brutes beat the shit out of four young Iraqi teenagers, the last thing I expected to read in a newspaper today was a story about Chancellor Gordon Brown’s plans to introduce state school cadets.

The story was the headlines of the right-wing Daily Mail – a paper I rather prefer not to be seen buying, like one of those glossy porno mags off the top shelf – but the story cried out “read me, read me”, so I coughed up the necessary 40p, furtively stuffed the paper inside my coat and hurried outside the shop. But I digress…

The Mail reports that Brown “wants tens of thousands of state school pupils to volunteer for uniformed army, naval or air force training.” His plan is to “teach young people discipline and pride in their country.”

Way to go, Mr. Brown. Spoken like a true future prime minister. Violent crime on the rise, British troops yet again proving the army brings the worst out in people, patriotism linked to xenophobia, narrow mindedness and bigotry and you want to inculcate our kids to the art of murder! And you want to spend £millions on this project too!
At the moment there are over 90,000 army and air cadets in Britain along with 42,000 school cadets and you want this figure doubled? Got a few wars planned have we? Nationwide social control on the fuckin’ agenda?

I wonder how long it will be before the new generation of brain-washed khaki-clad school kids are given medals for informing on their parents and neighbours. How long before the union jack is flying from the roofs of schools and God Save the Queen is sung at morning assembly?

Schools have the opportunity to turn kids into wonderful humans, caring, considerate
and with a first rate social consciousness, devoid of any prejudice and swearing blind allegiance to nobody. And what to you want Mr Brown? To turn them into the breeding grounds of flag-waving nationalists, their brains pumped with tales of Britain’s glorious military exploits.

What was is it Dr Johnson said about patriots and scoundrels?

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