Vote Rigging in the US

We all know the story of the 2004 US presidential election. The exit polls showed Bush was in for a kicking at the polls; John Kerry was to be the next US president, winning by a million-and-a-half votes, but by midnight in US the news was that Bush was in the lead and, next day, lacking legal evidence to contest the results, Kerry conceded and bowed as Bush took the helm for another term. Bush was officially given a mandate to continue shredding the US constitution, increasing his own powers and those of the surveillance state, while pandering to the US corporatocracy and the merchants of war.

Those who cried foul were dismissed as conspiracy theorists by the press and nutters in “tin foil hats” by the GOP. The news media, Congress, and the Democratic Party, whilst well aware of the nationwide irregularities on election day, have never even attempted to do anything about it. Likewise, here’s a government hearing - never reported by the news media - that sums up the status of the security of the US voting system, while being suggestive of a vote rigging scam that should have sent Bush not to the White House but into the dustbin of history.

The possibility of rigged voting machines aside, there was undoubtedly a colossal and synchronised attempt to subvert the popular will of the US people. All over the US, Across the country, Repuke election personnel used a wide range of illegal and unethical tactics to fix the election.

In Ohio alone, at least 357,000 voters, the vast majority of them Democratic, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted in 2004 - more than enough to shift the results of an election decided by 118,601 votes. Indeed, a staggering one in every four Ohio citizens who registered to vote in 2004 turned up to cast their vote only to discover that they were not listed on the rolls, thanks to GOP efforts to stem the unprecedented flood of Democrats eager to cast ballots. And that doesn’t even take into account the troubling evidence of outright fraud, which indicates that upwards of 80,000 votes for Kerry were counted instead for Bush. That alone is a swing of more than 160,000 votes -- enough to have put Kerry in the White House. But Ohio was not unique. Irregularities were reported all over the country with voters finding they had been disenfranchised via registration challenges, faulty machines, turned away because voting queues were too long or one of the many other hurdles put in their way by Repuke election officials.

If this film is anything to go by the Repuke’s will be doing all in their power to see McCain takes over from Bush. Not convinced? Check out these films previously posted on this blog here : Don't be too surprised if McCain and Palin "win" next week. No matter how unlikely the outcome, the US news media stands ready to pump out a plausible

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