Recycle Life (Shelley's art project)

I'm posting this for my daughter Shelley. This was her final project of a three year art course at College. Anyway, she passed with a triple distinction, being also the only one on the course to choose to do a film. She even went to the lengths of getting the logo she designed tattooed onto her ankle.

Hope you do well when you start Uni this month, bonny lass. Love you xx

Oh, for anyone reading this, she'd be obliged if you could share her link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuXYVLTisW4 Thanks.

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Brian said...

Being a donor myself I found this ad a very invigorating example of how to structure a social message by: drawing Attention; providing Information; engaging a Decision; and above all incurring Action with the viewer.

Go for it Shelley you are on the right track for communicating a very human message.

Best Wishes
Brian & Chris