Shoes hurled at Bush

My God, what on earth could have incensed this Iraqi journalist - Muntadar al-Zeidi - to hurl his shoes at the world's greatest defender of freedom and democracy, namely President George W Bush? Said Bush, moments later: "I dunno what the guy's cause is." Hmmm, maybe the 1.3 million dead Iraqis since Bush authorized an invasion of Iraq on behalf of US oil interests? Its a toughie. Jeez, some reporters are just so damned unappreciative

Nonchalantly, Bush said that all he knew was that it was a size 10. I also take a size 10 and have a penchant for Dr Marten boots, and I know I'd not have missed. Seriously though, how many people on this planet would have just loved to see that first shoe hit Bush straight in the mouth, dislodging a row of teeth and sending them hurtling down his throat.? That figure must run into at least 5 billions. Bush also said: "This doesn't represent the Iraqi people". What? Well...er...not if 10 million of them regret the shoe was not filled with dynamite, Mr Bush. A shoe in the mouth for this merchant of death and destruction? Nothing compared to what should be done to the gloopy, blood-soaked bastard.

The journalist screamed as he threw shoes: "This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog!! This is from the widows, orphans, and those killed in Iraq!"
No doubt this poor journalist will now be banged up for kissing Bush thus. I'd give the guy a medal and a horseshoe to throw next time. Meanwhile this and similar videos on Youtube will be the most viewed and shared in years (as I write, this one had 245 hits).


robert verdi said...

foolish of you. By the way there wouldn't be a stain on the carpet left if this happened under Saddam. Anyway, how many Arab capitals could such an event happen?

John said...

Spoken like a true Repuke!

Your question should have been: "In how many Arab capitals under US occupation, capitals that have been blitzed to smitherenes, their strets running with blood, could such an event happen?"

Anonymous said...

A 25 pound frozen turkey bounced of his thick skull would do the trick nicely comrade.