Jon Cruddas calls for the Electoral Commission to investigate the BNP

Here's the full speech that Jon Cruddas made to Parliament on the 18th December in regards the recent activities of the BNP, accusing it of financial irregularities and the party's leadership of illegal activities. The party is five month behind in making any report on its finances and an estimated £17,000 is unaccounted for. Just a shame this is a Christmas Recess Debate, with the majority of the house on their Chrimbo hols - it might have attracted more attention to the nazi scumbags

Says Cruddas, concluding: "What is being uncovered in the internal workings of the British National Party appears to be illegal in terms of data protection, bugging, theft and the operation of the Political Parties, Elections and referendums Act 2000.

"This is not the behaviour of a mature political party and I would like to see the police and the electoral commission investigate these charges.

"The fact that this is being orchestrated by the leader of a political party is most shocking. The BNP leadership and Nick Griffin in particular, are showing us its true colours."

Fair's fair, however, and I reckon any politico could have made just as damning a speech about the Labour Party and their underhand shenanigans. Not think so? Check out Labour Sleaze then have a look at the Iraqgate files


But when it comes to in-fighting, the BNP wins hands down. Someone should do a sit com about this bunch of nutters. Check out this report on the recent BNP
bun fight in Leeds. What a damned shame nobody secretly video recorded this gem.

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