Rich Parasite Kills Again?

Harry turns up at a shoot at Sandringham a tad overdressed

Prince “I’m shitting myself” Harry* is once again in the news and by all counts trying to emulate his trigger-happy grandpa. Most papers today report on an incident last week at the royal family’s Sandringham estate when a witness - a member of staff from Natural England - saw two hen harriers being blasted out of the sky. It turns out the only two people out shooting that day on the estate were Harry and one of his rich pals.

There are only 20 such birds in England. They are an endangered species and protected by legislation and shooting them can be punishable by 6 months in jail or a £5,000 fine.

As it happens, the police were called and questioned Harry and his pal and left convinced they had nothing to do with the incident – yeah, and there’s a fairy at the bottom of my friggin’ garden too.

A RSPB spokesperson said that hen harriers are Britain’s most persecuted bird of prey and were often shot by gamekeepers because they feed on game birds such as pheasants and grouse being reared for shoots…The population should be ten times higher than it is."

Whoa, just hold on a sec! Hen harriers feed on grouse and peasants, which just so happen to be the creatures the royals get the most fun out of killing? These are the birds the royals enjoy blowing out of the sky during their shooting parties a hundred at a time? Christ, there’s enough circumstantial evidence there to bang Harry up for two six month stretches back to back! The working class have been imprisoned, even executed, on far flimsier evidence.

But I reckon killing a bird is no big deal for the royals. As I write they are wining and dining with the Saudi royal family (see yesterday’s post) who run one of the most inhumane regimes in the world and no doubt exchanging anecdotes. And it doesn't seem that long ago that the royals had another rare bird bumped off - Diana!

Back to Gramps - as president of the World Wildlife Fund he is on record as demonstrating his commitment to the preservation of fauna by having slain literally thousands upon thousands of birds and animals - tigers, crocodiles, wild boars (once 50 in a day) and deer, to name just a few.

And, still on the subject, Prince William has also exhibited his penchant for shooting at anything that moves. Go back to July of 2001 and William, on one of his strenuous overseas visits, was pointed out a protected species of ibis flying over head. Just like gramps, his inbred reaction was to reach for a gun and shoot the poor creature dead, no questions asked, thereby showing that both stupidity and bloodthirsty sadism runs in the family, every bit as much as noses.

* I’m shitting myself”: These were the words Harry confided in to a pal of his when he was told he was to be sent to Iraq with his regiment.


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You can polish my medals,if i can polish yours sweety pie.

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I have more medals than you.