May 3rd Approaches

If you’re reading this blog page as a result of having seen it advertised on my election leaflet, then you are perhaps politically minded and will no doubt have heard a fair bit from the local political parties and independent candidates in this year’s local elections. It will not have gone unnoticed that those who have bothered to get off their arses and leaflet the area – I’ve had bugger-all yet from the maverick fascists of the BNP or the confusionists in the Conservative Party – will have waffled on about services, jobs, crime, and how things will IMPROVE, if only they are put in power.
They all talk about money – spend more, spend less, tax it, borrow it, lend it, find it – but they never talk about where it comes from. They never talk about the basic rules by which it is used.
They just assume that money is being made, and that they can adapt their policies to the rules of the money-making game. That is, they assume CAPITALISM.
And once you assume capitalism you end up defending it. You end up having to defend a society in which the majority of the population must sell their capacity to work to the tiny handful who own most of the wealth. You have to defend a society in which things can only happen if there is a profit to be made. In short, you are compelled to subscribe to the law of NO PROFIT, NO
And once you start defending capitalism you end up defending the capitalists class of your country against the capitalist class of others and their right to wage wars and use the workers as cannon fodder in the perennial conflict for profits.
And you end up defending the capitalist state and its coercive machinery, ever ready to rationalise the use of force and extra law and order measures to keep the workers in line.
In short you are sucked into the sordid world of class treachery. Yeah, I know that sounds a horrible term, but that is exactly what it is; for Labour, Liberal, Conservative candidates all subscribe to the view that there can be no alternative system to capitalism and that we should just get on with accepting it and making the most of it and that if only they are elected they can make this outmoded, anarchic and exploitative system work better than their counterparts.
But they also know that local council’s have budgets that must be adhered to, and that contracts need to go out to compulsory competitive tendering where the cheapest work contract must be sought, and that if the council is feeling its finances under pressure that workers must be made redundant, that community centres, school and old persons’ homes will be shut. In short, they all are aware of the golden rule of the system they aim to manage and which they want us support via a vote for them – profit before people. The rule applies locally, nationally and internationally. It’s accompanied by another golden rule – can’t pay can’t have even if the corollary is homelessness, prison, starvation or even suicide.
In a world of potential abundance, a world in which we are so scientifically and technologically advanced as to be able to supply every human on the planet with a decent standard of living, the mainstream councillors ask us to vote for their system of rationing, artificial scarcity and uncertainty.
They ask us to vote for a system of class and privilege balanced in favour of those who have the most and who control access to the necessaries of life.When you think about it, they’re asking quite a lot of us.
As a socialist I’m not into making promises or suggesting how local authority budgets are best juggled. Socialists are against the concept of leadership and we rather feel that there is nothing we can do for the exploited majority that they are not already more than capable of doing for themselves. And rather than managing budgets and attempting to make capitalism “work”, we’re into abolishing the money-profit-wages system. We’re after a world without buying and selling and exchange, in which production is not balanced before hand against how much profit is likely to be made. We’re campaigning for a system of society in which we have free access to the benefits of civilisation, in which we give freely of our abilities and take freely from the stockpile of communal wealth according to our needs. We’re into establishing a system of society in which we each have a free and democratic say in all the decisions that effect us.
Of course, voting for real socialism on May 3rd is not going to bring about any immediate change. To be sure, none of the candidates can bring about real changes to our lives. They might harp on about managing the current system better than their political opponents, but at the end of the day it is the system that controls them.
However, voting for socialism is a step in the right direction and at last puts the ‘real issue’ on the political agenda. So, at the end of the day it is up to you, the elector, as a member of the waged and salaried class, the exploited class. It is up to you to decide whether you favour the present system or the rationally organised system I describe as socialism. It’s up to you to decide whether you wish to join with others in seizing control of your own destiny and to help fashion a world in your own interests, or forever delegate control of your life to the careerists in the mainstream parties who themselves will always be controlled by a higher force, the profit system. Only don’t take too long to think about it – in a world in which we face environmental catastrophe and global war that threatens every creature on the planet the odds are increasingly stacked against the defenders of capitalism sorting out the myriad problems that threaten our existence.

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