Let the BNP have their communion

Today’s Guardian reports on a speech made to church leaders by Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, in which he states that BNP policies demand a forceful response from established churches and that BNP supporters be excluded from holy communion.

The Methodist Chuch has joined the fray, creating a website called Countering Political Extremism, seemingly a response to the BNP front organization Christian Council of Britain .
Said Mr Phillips: “I feel rage that my church might expect me to be in communion with such as Nick Griffin. This is where Christ puts us to the test.”

Revolutionary Act, ever striving to tell it like it is, ever ready to challenge the god myth promoters, wonders why Mr Phillips singles out those with racist policies. Surely any ‘true’ Christian – are there any? I’ve personally only ever met one – would be prepared to forgive the bone-headed transgressors of the BNP. The more fundamentalist god-botherers would take a stern biblical line and refuse communion to anyone who cocked a snook at the teachings of the “good book”.

Every religion has its doctrinal code of right and wrong. In Christianity this manifests as the Ten Commandments. If adherence to these Christian imperatives was the benchmark by which believers received or were refused communion then not only would churches be abiotic places but the entire capitalist class and their executive in government would be forbidden forever from partaking of the host.

Politicians are fond of starting wars on behalf of their capitalist cronies, either over trade routes, foreign markets, areas of influence etc. Bang goes the 6th Commandment: Thou shall not kill.
Politicians, as the tabloids are so wont to report, are the most polygamous bunch of reprobates in existence. Bang goes the 7th Commandment: Though shall not commit adultery.

Assisting with the robbery of the working class aside, on behalf of their capitalist cronies, politicians also commence wars with a view to securing the interests of their respective capitalist class – i.e. stealing Middle Eastern oil, not to mention small countries and islands ( Diego Garcia springs instantly to mind). In other words they are complicit in thievery. Bang goes the 8th Commandment: Thou shall not steal.Politicians are notoriously unforthcoming with the truth.
They lie and utter distortions at every opportunity for political gain. Bang goes the 9th Commandment - the one about telling porkies.

And breaching the 8th, above, goes hand-in-glove with the 10th Commandment - the one about coveting your neighbour’s goods.

So, straight off the cuff, there are five major biblical Commandments transgressed by politicians and sticky-fingered capitalists every day of the week. Indeed their entire raison d’etre lies in breaching the same at every opportunity. The crimes they enact each day could fill many volumes, yet Mr Phillips sees no wrong in their ways. They are welcome to share the body and blood of Christ.

It is instructive that Mr Phillips does not cite any objection to sharing communion with the likes of Blair and Bush and every other blood-drenched reprobate currently strutting their arrogance across the world stage, leaving in their wake mayhem, misery and disaster. His venom is reserved for a handful of degenerate pitiables in the BNP, who openly promote the politics of race. Since when has the Labour or Conservative parties or, in the US the Democrats and Repukes, been whistle-clean of the charge of racism?

Considering religion has been used as a tool for hoodwinking the masses for millennia, to mask the worst exigencies of the reign of the powerful for hundreds of years, to lend them a veil of respectability to help conceal the filth of corruption that oozes from each of their collective pores, I can think of no better place for a rotten politician than in a church munching on the host.Let the BNP share the mystery of transubstantiation!

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