Caviar, for F**** sake!

Just going been through this week's papers here. Could you believe the bastards are actually arguing over the menu at Gleneagles?

After discussing African poverty at Gleneagles there is a banquet with the Queen. Blair's missus is pissed off that she is not getting the same menu as her hubby, so out of spite she has taken lobster off the menu.

They are also arguing over what caviar to serve. The Independent reported:
"Originally caviar from Iran was to be served. It is not as good, but considerably cheaper than the Russian variety. But diplomats said having anything from a state described by Mr Bush as part of the 'axis of Evil' might make it hard for the President to swallow. Instead, the finest caviar from Belarus is being served." (Independent, 6/6/05)

Interestingly, caviar from Belarus? The country is landlocked.
Seriously, though. Me, I'd give the bastards at Gleneagles bread and cheese. If they whinged that they wanted a hot meal. I'd say: "put some fucking mustard on it!"

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