Labour Party Shenanigans

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that the biggest cause of crime is poverty, Tony Blair, in early May announced his intention to deprive of child benefit and housing benefit the most impoverished families in Britain because their children are alleged "tearaways". Many impoverished families struggle to pay the smallest bills. Their housing benefit (average £43.60 per week) and child benefit (£15.50 for the oldest child) is a lifeline they can ill afford to lose. But under Blair's plans, this would be stopped if their children stray from the straight and narrow. The obvious corollary of this is that by pushing people into greater hardship you force them to commit crime simply to make ends meet. And who would blame them – is survival a crime? Whatever happened to New Labour's promise to slash crime and reduce child poverty? His latest proposal increases both.

Meanwhile the real criminals get away Scot-free. We speak of the master class, for whom Blair and his cronies act as an executive body - those who see to it that every aspect of our life is subordinated to their profit-hungry desires, whose system is the root cause of a thousand social ills that blight the existence of millions.

On a brighter note we are pleased to announce that David Blunkett Home Secretary extraordinaire, managed to extricate his head from Tony Blair’s bottom long enough to admit the Labour Party had made a another ‘blunder’. He was referring to Labour’s plans to extend the reach of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act which would have given a host of government departments, local councils and sundry quangos powers to demand, on their own authority, access to our email records, and telephone data. He also withdrew a draft order giving the same public bodies the authority to conduct surveillance against individuals to use informers.

Please don’t celebrate yet, though. Plans are underway to make our email and internet information accessible to the police and intelligence services of the European Union under a ‘common code’ on data retention.

Blair, it seems, is determined to make Britain the most repressive regime in the Western world.

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